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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: iPhone 3G/3Gs/4/iPod/Touch External Battery

Today, we will be reviewing A-Fone's external battery, with the model number A3.BY-11.

Here are the specifications before we begin.

Battery Capacity:800mAh
Input:DC 5V
Output:DC 5V
Product Weight:35g
Product Dimension:61x31.5x17.5mm

From first impressions, the battery is made quiet solid and comes with a top case to protect the port from damage. It also includes a string that allows you to attach it to your phone (if you have an external case) so that you will never forget to bring it out. With 800mAh, the battery is good for about 50% charge of your phone, and takes roughly 15-30 minutes to charge. Now, this is not the most ideal situation because we expect to get a full charge, but with it's size and portability (as well as it's price of only 27$), we feel that it is quiet worth it's money. The build quality is also good as it is made from good quality plastic with metal roundings. The port fits snugly into my iPhone 4, and even with a hard plastic case on the phone it had no problem charging my phone. Definitely recommended for people that travel often.

Overall: 8.5/10

Suggestions : A longer charge time


  1. Hmm sounds cool. Might have to check this out. You got a link?

  2. lol apple, sorry even with this review I'm sticking with my zune.

  3. Great review, thinking of switching to Iphone

  4. Seems like a useful device. I may have to look into getting something like this in the future.

  5. A most insightful review, I'll have to investigate this further though when my upgrade date nears.

  6. i got one of these for my iphone, i liked it a lot, works great!

  7. That would come in handy, I really could use one of those.

  8. I wonder how it would work with the iPad

  9. I used to have something like this for my nano, this one looks better tho